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Battery fear? 6 tips to optimally use the electric scooter and 3 myths exposed!

Need help getting the most out of your electric scooter?

Three tips to optimally extend the life of the battery:

Tip #1: Do not completely discharge. Do you have the option of not having to fully charge the battery of the electric scooter? Make sure that you simply recharge the battery if you have the option. Did the battery run empty completely? Then recharge the battery as soon as you have the possibility.

Tip #2: Make sure you keep the battery in a place between 5 and 20 degrees out of direct sunlight. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is best to save the battery at around 40% of its capacity. On the batteries of our electric scooter that means 2 to 3 balls that light up on the battery after pressing the button.

Tip #3: To keep the life of the battery as high as possible, the basic rule is that fully discharged and fully charged shorten the life of the battery. If you have the option to do so, it is best to charge your battery if it still has 30% left over to about 90% of the total power.

Do you suffer of ‘range anxiety’? Then view our tips to get the range as large as possible!

Tip #1: If possible, reduce the weight. The more weight the battery has to carry, the less the range will be.

Tip #2: Accelerating hard, braking hard and then accelerating hard is logically stressful for the range. For electric scooters there is an extra gear on our electric scooters, which means that you accelerate less and limit the speed limit. This enormously increases the range!

Tip #3: Weather conditions affect the range. Strong winds and extreme cold will influence the range of our electric scooters. Although these are external factors, you can take this into account before you hit the road.

There are many myths about batteries in general. Find below the three myths that are not correct about the batteries of our electric scooters.

Myth #1: Charging through a night is bad for the battery . Although the battery is fully charged, there is a stop system on the charger, so that charging stops when the battery is fully charged. It will therefore not be extra burdensome for the battery compared to a full “normal” charge.

Myth #2: It is about the charging cycles, so charging a half-full battery shortens the lifespan. This is incorrect. It is indeed a question of charging cycles of the battery, except that when charging half-empty batteries the total charging cycles will be many times higher before decay occurs than if the battery is completely discharged and then fully charged.

Myth #3: The electric scooters must be charged at a charging station. The batteries of our electric scooters are removable and can therefore be charged in any normal socket. The idea is exactly the same as charging a phone, tablet or laptop.

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