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BOdy & Heart

Want to know more about our innovative Body & Heart concept? Read this page for more information and find out about our service hero!

Electric driving accessible for everyone with Body & Heart

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Explanation of Body & Heart

You can divide our scooters in two subparts: Blitss Body and Blitss Heart. The Body is the scooter that you pick and are becoming owner of. You can design this in your own style. The Heart is a subscription whereby you always have a working battery and service and warranty on all technical parts of the scooter. In this way, the Heart of the scooter will always be pumping. The Blitss Heart subscription can be paused and activated on a monthly basis, so you only pay for the months that you’d like to drive.

With the Blitss Heart principle we can achieve our mission to fasten the transition to sustainable transportation. Every battery is used to the fullest of its capacities. Also, old batteries will be recycled or reused as good as possible.

Maintenance, service and warranty

Blitss finds it important that you can enjoy all advantages of your Blitss Windmill scooter. It is really helpful when the scooter is actually working. With the Blitss Heart subscription you are ensured of a working scooter.

For damages to easily replaceable parts we sent you new parts, inclusive a manual and roadmap containing advice on how to install these. For bigger reparations we will send our service hero to fix the scooter on the spot. If this is not possible, the scooter will be taken with us for reparation and will be returned as soon and good as possible.

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Blitss Heart subscription

With the innovative Blitss Heat subscription you have a whole own scooter with an always working battery and warranty on all technical parts. Every subscription can be paused, cancelled or activated on a monthly basis through your account on the website. Also, you can contact us if things don’t work out for you.

There arte two sorts of subscriptions that counts for all Blitss Windmill types.

You can close a Blitss Heart subscription with a single battery. With this single battery you have a range up to 65 kilometers. This option costs 29,99 including VAT per month. You can also choose for a double battery subscription which doubles your range up to 130 kilometers. This option costs 54,99 including VAT per month.

Guaranteed buyback of Blitss

To close the loop Blitss has some great news. All firsthand Blitss Windmill owners that wants to get rid of their scooter can knock on Blitss’ door. Because we get a lot requests to rent and/or buy secondhand models of Blitss, we are convinced that we can give your scooter a second life. This is not only good news for you, but also pretty sustainable!

How does it work? Prety easy. Get in contact with us through mail or phone and have all information in place. We need mileage, the license plate number, the technical state and photos of the outer state to give you a quote. The true price you get will be decided as soon as someone of Blitss comes over to pick up the scooter. If there are no hidden defects found you will get the quote transferred on your bank account in one week, or the price will be settled with the new invoice for the newly bought products.