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Enlargen the range? These are 7 of the most practical ones!

Tips for a range as large as possible!

In our previous blog, three tips have already been discussed to maximize the range of action. These can be read below. The entire post can be found here , which also contains tips to keep the battery in good condition.

Tip # 1: If possible, reduce the weight. The more weight the battery has to carry, the less the range will be.

Tip # 2: Accelerating hard, braking hard and then accelerating again is logically stressful for the range. For electric scooters (45 km/h) there is an extra gear on our electric scooters, which means that you accelerate less and limit the speed limit. This greatly increases the range!

Tip # 3: Weather conditions affect the range. Strong winds and extreme cold will influence the range of our electric scooters. Although these are external factors, you can take this into account before you hit the road.

However, there are more ways to keep the range as large as possible:
Tip # 4: Pump up the tires to 2.5 bar. It will surprise you what inflated tires do with the driving range, but also with the driver experience! Both the front and rear tires can easily be pumped up to the desired 2.5 bar at a pumping station.

Tip # 5: Provide aerodynamics. The more stuff hangs outboard of the scooter, the more power the scooter has to deliver to go ahead. Think of large, wide bags, but a windshield can also have (some) influence.

Tip # 6: Drive with a freshly charged battery. A battery that has just come out of the socket and is fully charged logically has the most power to get the scooter as far as possible. Not able to use the battery immediately? Then make sure the battery is kept at a temperature of around 20 degrees to still get the maximum out of it as soon as it is used.

Tip # 7: If you have the choice between a newly laid cycle path or a sandy road, then the hard flat surface will also contribute slightly to the range. Fortunately, in the Netherlands we can be happy with a lot of good, tight bike paths.

See more of these types of messages? Then click here . The blogs of Blitss are informative, entertaining and of course aimed at our electric scooters. Since Blitss is its mission to make electric driving accessible to everyone, informing is also part of our service. We strive to keep our clients informed of all developments in the field of sustainable mobility, scooters, regulations and of course our cool, sexy products and services.

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