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Questions about our electric scooters?

Answers on frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the range of the Blitss scooter?

The Blitss Windmill 25km/h version has a range of 130 kilometers when someone uses a double battery. On a single battery a range of 65 kilometers can be driven.
On a 45 km/h version 110 kilometers can be driven on a double battery and 55 kilometers on a single one.

Where can I charge the Blitss scooter?

The battery of the scooter can be charged in every normal socket of 230V. No need of a fast and expensive charging pole! The battery is removable. It is like charging your phone.

What is the warranty of the scooter?

With the Blitss Heart subscription you’ll will always have the warranty on a working scooter. Service and warranty on the technical parts of the scooter is included. Think about the electric circuit, the motor and the battery. Furthermore, our products have a 1 year warranty on a regular sale, like the charger for example.

How is maintenance and repairs handled?

Maintenance and repairs are part of the Blitss Heart subscription. With this always ‘ticking heart’ you’ll always have a functioning scooter. For big reparations a mechanic wil come around to try and repair the scooter. In extreme cases the scooter can be taken with us to our garage. Of course to enable you to be back on the road as soon as possible! Curious if your costs of repairs are part of the subscription? Check always our latest terms and conditions.

Can I make a test drive?

Making a test drive is possible and we welcome this. You can make an appointment via the menu-button test drive or directly by opening the chat at the right bottom of the screen.

How do the tax benefits work??

Business customers can make use of tax benefits when they order a certain amount. We will advice our business customers and send them an overview with the possible size of the tax benefits and how to claim these benefits. Would you like to know the possible benefits beforehand? Get in contact with us and find out.

For who do the tax benefits count?

The tax benefits, like MIA and VAMIL, counts for all entrepreneurs and business that are paying business taxes. For people buying the scooters in private these benefits does not count.

The scooter I’d like to order is ‘in nabestelling’. What does this mean?

‘In nabestelling’ means you can order the scooter, but it can’t be delivered out of available stock. There is a delivery time attached to this order. Want to know what this delivery time is? Get in contact with us to find out.

Can I pay the scooter with a lease?

The Blitss Windmill can be paid in terms. This is called a lease. The lease will be processed by a lease company. Would you like to request a lease? Click href=””>here. Not working for you? We can always help you out.

How can I extend the livespan of the battery?

You have more influence on the livespan of the battery than you think. Are you curious? Check this blogpost

What are the costs of driving an electric scooter per kilometer?

An electric scooter, especially an electric scooter of Blitss, is very cheap per driven kilometer in comparison with a gasoline scooter. It costs around 30 eurocents to charge a battery fully and you can drive upto 65 kilometers with this! Beneath we made an overview with calculations, that compare the expenses of our scooter with other vehicles per 10.000 kilometers.

What is the Body & Heart concept?

The unique Body & Heart concept of Blitss is explained in an animation and text on Still have questions for us? Call or chat with us and fire away!

How does the process work of selling my scooter back to Blitss?

Would you like to stop making use of your scooter for what for particular reason ever? You can offer your scooter to Blitss and we guarantee to send you a bid. The reason for this is because we believe we can always give our scooters a second live. Prety sustainable! Send an email to with attached the milage, the license plate number, the technical state of th scooter with all defects and photos of the external state of the scooter. We will have a look at this and tell you our price. Be aware, this is an indication. If there are no hidden deficiencies by taking in the scooter, the bid will be transferred to an account of your choosing.