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In the future, only e-scooters on the road?

Nowadays you have scooters in all shapes and sizes. The petrol scooter is by far the largest of its kind, but the electric scooter is on the rise in the Netherlands. These are getting better and better and can also drive longer distances. The central question in this blog is: Are we going to see only silent electric scooters in the Netherlands in the future and will the petrol scooter disappear completely from the streets?

History of the electric scooter

To get a clear picture of the situation, we first dive into the history of the scooter. The first scooters were mainly used in the Second World War by paratroopers. However, the scooter really made its advance in the years after the war, the scooters were reasonably cheap and were considered a comfortable means of transport.

The different types of scooters that are available can be divided into 3 categories:
The moped scooter . It has a maximum speed of 25 km / you and wearing a helmet are not required.
The moped scooter . With a maximum speed of 45 km / u it is compulsory to wear a helmet
The motor scooter. The motor scooter has no limited maximum speed and wearing a helmet is also mandatory. You also need a special motorcycle license for this.
Now that we are aware of the different types of scooters, we return to the question of whether there will only be electric scooters on the road in the future. For this we start with a small piece of history about the electric scooter.

Electric scooter

The concept for the first electric scooter took place in 1895 in Belgium, the Limette brothers focused on the first commercial production of the electric scooter. Unfortunately, it was not possible to make a real breakthrough at the time as the fuel engine continued to evolve.
Peugeot noticed in 1995 that, albeit a small one, demand arose for electric scooters, so they first started mass-producing electric scooters. Soon other manufacturers of scooters followed the example of Peugeot . In no time a new market emerged: electric mopeds and light mopeds.

Electric scooter benefits

The increasing focus on environmentally conscious mobility and the growing number of providers of electric scooters have ensured that the escooter has gained a huge share in the market in no time. But why do people choose an electric scooter now? These reasons can be summarized briefly:
No emissions of environmentally polluting substances . The electric scooters are powered by a battery that has no emissions whatsoever. This means that with the purchase of an escooter you contribute to a better environment!
Cheaper driving. You can always charge the battery in a power socket for which the costs are approximately 0.32 cents per fully charged battery. For an average gasoline scooter you will easily lose 4 to 5 euros for a full tank, which means that an electric scooter is 10 times cheaper than a gasoline scooter.
Always start and less maintenance. With gas scooters it often happens that in cold weather or when the scooter has been standing still for a long time, it does not start. This is not the case with an electric scooter, the battery always works. In addition, an electric scooter consists of fewer parts that can break.
The above factors are responsible for the fact that more and more people are opting for electric transport, which is also reflected in the sales figures of recent years . 2030 new electric scooters were sold in 2008. Ten years later in 2018, 7,740 new electric scooters were sold, which is a percentage increase of 218%.

Petrol scooters

The electric scooter brings many benefits . The characteristics of the scooter appeals to many people and any negative characteristics are tackled by technological innovations. But what do these developments mean for the gasoline scooter?
An example is the environmental zone: the municipality of Amsterdam has set up a zone where petrol scooters from the year 2010 and older are no longer allowed to drive. Often these scooters who drove en masse through the city center were even more polluting than the passenger cars.
But that is not the only thing. The most polluting scooters and scooters that do not meet the European emissions standard are removed from the sale and may therefore no longer be manufactured or sold. In addition, the scooter industry is fully committed to ensuring that every scooter in 2025 electrically powered is.


At the beginning of this article, the question was asked whether in the future we will only see electric scooters in the street again. Blitss believes that this development will certainly become a reality in the future. A number of factors are responsible for this:
• the increasing awareness about environmentally aware and sustainable mobility
• the quality of the electric scooter
• the increasingly strict requirements with regard to gasoline scooters
In the near future we will see more and more electric scooters and fewer and fewer gas scooters. Because let’s face it: nothing is better to go from A to B cheaply and quietly. No emissions and no smells!

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