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Read everything about leasing a Blitss Windmill

Het leasen van een elektrische scooter kan voor veel mensen een uitkomst bieden, bijvoorbeeld als je niet meteen het gehele geldbedrag kwijt wilt zijn. Met de leaseoptie van Blitss, in samenwerking met Scooterflex, wordt je wél meteen eigenaar van jouw eigen elektrische scooter en kan je de afbetaling doen in termijnen. Deze termijnen en het geleasede bedrag kan jij zelf kiezen via het formulier. The leasing of an electric scooter can be a solution for many people, for example if you do not want to immediately invest the entire amount of money in the purchase. With the lease option of Blitss, in collaboration with Scooterflex, you do become the owner of your own electric scooter and you can pay the installment in terms. You can choose these terms and the leased amount yourself through the form.

How does it work?

1. Design your own scooter via the order page.
2. Choose at the payment options for ‘Afbetalen met lease’
3. A form of Scooterflex will be opened. Fill in your details, so Scooterflex can make you a proposal.
4. Scooterflex accepts your leasing request and the order is accepted.
5. Pay the possible outstanding amount that is not covered trough the lease and the scooter can be picked up or will be delivered.
6. After receiving the scooter, a form needs to be filled in, so Scooterflex can complete the process of the lease.
7. Enjoy your wonderful new electric scooter without worry!

What are the advantages of a lease?

The advantages of leasing are that you do not immediately have to invest the entire amount of money on the purchase of your scooter, but it spreads out over several months, making the load easier to carry. This can ensure that you can already drive a brand new Blitss Windmill scooter, without having to have saved up the entire amount. Given that you save a lot per driven kilometer compared to a car or a gasoline scooter, the monthly lease costs are also partly compensated with this.

What are the disadvantages of a lease?

Een nadeel van leasen is dat je rente betaalt. Feitelijk sluit je een lening af om de scooter af te betalen en over deze lening wordt rente in rekening gebracht. Hoe hoger het bedrag is dat je leaset, hoe meer rente je onderaan de streep betaalt aan de leasemaatschappij. Blitss adviseert dan ook altijd goed te kijken en te rekenen voordat een lease wordt afgesloten, want wellicht kan een (aan)betaling voordeliger en gunstiger zijn voor jou op dit moment. A disadvantage of leasing is that you pay interest. You actually take out a loan to pay off the scooter and interest will be charged on this loan. The higher the amount you lease, the more interest you pay to the leasing company during the loan. Blitss therefore advises always to look carefully and to calculate before a lease is concluded, because perhaps a payment (in advance) can be more cheaper and beneficial for you at the moment.

What are the costs of leasing?

What a lease costs greatly depends on the amount that is leased and the number of installments. For example, a lease that is spread over 72 months can only cost around € 25 a month to drive a Blitss Windmill. To have an idea yourself, you can make a choice which scooter you want and in what form (traditional or Body & Heart). You can then choose the number of installments to have a clear picture of the costs.

Want to have an idea beforehand?

We understand that you want to have an idea of the possibilities and costs in advance. You can therefore make a non-binding request via this link and the leasing company will then get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities. Are you satisfied and you made up your mind? Then you can follow the step-by-step plan above to make use of the lease option. Or click here to assemble your scooter!