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Mission of Blitss

Why are we doing this?

Blitss wants to reach certain goals to achieve our mission. Our mission is to help speeden-up the transition to electric, sustainable transportation in an attractive way. Attractive in price, service and looks. Sustainable transportation should not only be for people that are interested from an environmental point of view, but also has to be interesting because of price, performance, looks, service ánd being sustainable, so it simply becomes superior. There we would like to add value.

Prevent energy waste

Because our batteries remain in the hands of Blitss and our customers should not be worried about these batteries, we can utilize the batteries to their full capacity and we keep control of processing the old batteries, whereby we reduce unneccessary energy waste.

Make electric driving accessable

By offering the Blitss Windmill Body at an affordable price and take away all risks and concerns about the batterue and parts with our unique Blitss Windmill Heart subscription we would like to make electric driving accessable to everyone. Also, per driven kilometer it is about 10x cheaper than a gasoline scooter!

Make electric driving sexy

Aside and without neglect of all the sustainable advantages of Blitss, we feel that driving an electric scooter may be fun and sexy. The appearance of a Blitss Windmill is of high importance to us.