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What can the unique Body & Heart concept mean for you?

Discover now what the unique Body & Heart model can mean to you!

Electric driving is now

Electric driving is not the future, but it is here and now. How do we dare to make such a statement? Just look at the automotive industry, where Tesla is worth more than BMW and Ford . Two very old and respected car brands that are being surpassed by a young, fully electric car brand. Volvo will only introduce electric cars from 2019. The scooter world must also believe this and that is better. In addition to the hugely pleasant buzzing feeling of driving our electric scooters, it is becoming increasingly cheaper per kilometer driven and it is also environmentally friendly.

We look with great disbelief at the figures of the ratio between electric scooters and gasoline scooters in the Netherlands. After seeing these figures, we come to the conclusion that we are considerably behind when it comes to scooters compared to other countries. Whereas in other, not exclusively European, countries it is already commen to choose the electric scooter as a sustainable replacement over the petrol scooter, this is not yet common practice in our country.

It is not unusual for people to ask Blitss questions about the battery of our electric scooters, about the repair costs of the scooters and about the price. For example, a good electric scooter is generally expensive to purchase. Admittedly, the costs of replacing a battery for a new one are indeed high. A good battery can easily cost around € 1000,-. The questions about the repair costs of an electric scooter can also be understood. There is a scooter repairer specializing in petrol scooters on every corner of the street, but an electric scooter specialist is harder to find.

Blitss wants to respond to these legitimate questions and concerns from people and has therefore developed the Body & Heart model. Our model is jokingly sometimes compared to that of Renault for their Twizy line. There is only a big difference between that model and the Blitss Body & Heart model. With this model we take away all the uncertainties and risks of our customers and make electric driving accessible to everyone. With the Heart subscription, the heart of your scooter is always kept beating. Most service and repairs are included. What have we achieved with the Body & Heart model? Exactly what fits our mission: making electric driving accessible to everyone in the Netherlands. Curious about the benefits of our unique model? Find the four largest below:

  • The initial purchase price of the scooter has been considerably reduced.


  • With the Heart subscription, all uncertainties and risks about the battery and repairs are also taken away from our customers.


  • You only pay the costs of the Heart subscription if you want to drive. Is there ice on the road in the winter and you don’t feel like taking your scooter off the shed? Then you temporarily pauze the subscription and you do not have to incur any additional costs for this.


  • Per kilometer driven, you also save money compared to a gasoline scooter, so that the costs of the subscription are partly recovered.


The Netherlands is a scooter country, which is why at Blitss we believe that the Netherlands can once again be a leader in the field of scooters. However, we have stood still in recent years and perhaps slept a little. But it’s time to wake up and choose the wonderful electric scooters over your old noise-making and polluting scooter.

See more of these types of messages? Then click here . The blogs of Blitss are informative, entertaining and of course aimed at our electric scooters. Since Blitss is its mission to make electric driving accessible to everyone, informing is also part of our service. We strive to keep our clients informed of all developments in the field of sustainable mobility, scooters, regulations and of course our cool, sexy products and services.

Seve van Ass

Seve is de oprichter van Blitss B.V.

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